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Tourist information centre of Sighetu Marmației

Tourist Information Center City Sighet is dedicated to promoting cultural value, historical, economic and religious in the European context. Tourist Information Center provides the indispensable link of the city with tourists, making information more objective and complete, as well as the promotion of the city as a tourist destination through all available media.

Tourist Information Centre of Sighetu Marmatiei:

  • sightseeing, leisure opportunities, explore what can be achieved and the area;
  • establishments, restaurants, disco, pub;
  • theme, addresses, visiting hours of museums, memorials;
  • cultural events happening in the city;
  • monasteries and churches and religious holidays program;
  • fairs and exhibitions;
  • places to walk and Recreation;
  • continuously updated information;
  • cooperate with travel agencies to conduct promotional and informative materials;
  • coordinate and / or carry out promotional materials;
  • coordinates and guides the emergence of monographs of the municipality;
  • participating in fairs and exhibitions tourism profile in the country and abroad;
  • transmiting information to travel agencies and other units in the field;
  • coordination of the guides network;
  • initiates international projects in tourism.

Tourist information is done both at the headquarters of the Tourist Information Centre and by phone, fax or e-mail.

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Address: Liberty Square Nr. 26, Sighet

Phone: +40 371347133.

Fax: +40 371 607 394


Opening hours: 09-17

Harta Turistica a Sighetului