The Tourist Information Center’s mission is to promote the municipality of Sighet as a cultural, historical, economic, and religious value in the European context. The Tourist Information Center ensures the essential connection between the municipality and tourists by providing them with objective and comprehensive information, as well as engaging in promotional activities through all available media.

The Tourist Information Center informs tourists about:

– Tourist attractions, leisure activities, and excursions that can be done in and around the area.
– Accommodation facilities, restaurants, discos, and pubs.
– Themes, addresses, and visiting hours of museums and memorial houses.
– Cultural events taking place in the municipality.
– Monasteries and churches, as well as the schedule of religious holidays.
– Fairs and exhibitions.
– Walking and recreational areas.
– Constantly updating information.
– Collaborating with travel agencies to create promotional and informative materials.
– Coordinating and/or creating promotional materials.
– Coordinating the production of monographs and guides about the municipality.
– Participating in tourism-related fairs and exhibitions in the country and abroad.
– Transmitting tourism-related information to travel agencies and other relevant entities.
– Coordinating the network of tour guides.
– Initiating international collaboration projects in the field of tourism.

Harta Turistica a Sighetului