Cultural Institutions


City officials and people gave special attention to education and culture, the city is a hotbed of irradiation throughout Maramures and neighboring areas. 16 feb. 1700 County Congregation decides that the school be maintained from public funds. The school is taught theology, philosophy, mathematics, Greek and Latin. As all sighetenii know Piarist School was established in 1730 under Emperor Charles VI. Economic, social and cultural life of Sighet developed in Central Europe specifics of the modern age. It builds schools: if the first school attested in the city is cited in 1540 (Calvinist school) develops after religious reform Catholic education. In 1802 the school decker start building that takes its rank in 1859 after the establishment of higher education as 4-year college of law, functioning until 1918. Romanian population, the majority in the area, and instructed the youngsters started Calvinist or Catholic schools. Opening politics after the revolution of 1848/1849, county functions, including the Supreme Committee of Maramures Romanian owned, allowed the establishment of Sighet “Asociaţiaiunii culture of Maramures Romanian people”, who in 1862 founded the Romanian. Romanian Institute gave in the 100 years of operation over a hundred and twenty teachers, who will prepare for carrying out the national consciousness.
In the late nineteenth century and early century. XX Sighet there are many economic and religious associations. Appear printing, editing newspapers and magazines are printed in the major languages ​​of the population works area (Romanians Hungarians, Jews, Germans, Ukrainians). Commissioning of the railroad connecting Sighetul Poland and Bukovina (1872) makes the Sighet an important commercial center. In operation using sawmill, furniture, and several banks. In 1893 in Sighet introduce electric street lighting, the city being the second city of Timisoara after those parties who benefit from the progress of modern economy.  At Sighet organizes conferences and exhibitions (1900, etc.) that highlight the progress in the area. Particularly take horizon Sciences. In Sighet two renowned academics were working on national and European level. Ioan Mihaly of Apşa (1844-1914), author of Maramures Diplomas from the XIV and XV (Sighet 1900), corresponding member of the Romanian Academy (1901) and Istvan Szilaghy member of the Academy in Budapest.

Today in Sighet works:

Laurentiu Municipal library ,, Ulici “

One of the oldest cultural institutions worked continuously in Sighet is the library continues work begun in the framework of society ,, Dragoşiana “(1867) and today owns a valuable library fund documents exceeding over 100 000 copies. Alongside this city holds a number of school libraries and bookshops book covering the needs of the community.
School of Art ,, Gheorghe Chivu ” 

With a tradition begun in 1867 marked art school in Sighet assured musical and artistic education for young people in the city. Those who have discovered some talents have continued training in more advanced schools, some of them reaching performance. At present the school provides an introduction to the following artistic disciplines: classical music, light and folk, instrumental and vocal music, arts and dance offering courses: piano, organ, guitar, violin, saxophone, accordion, painting, classical dance and modern singing popular .

Secondary School of Arts ,, George Enescu “

The current Secondary School of Arts in Sighetu Marmatiei opened its doors in 1960-1961. Currently the school operates as an independent institution and has additional program of music and fine arts. You can enjoy a selected musical instrument training cycle students of primary and secondary fine arts classes are available to secondary school. Over the years the institution has created a good reputation due to exigency faculty and extensive extracurricular activities. Many artistic personalities and social landscape of Sighet contemporary or even those in the country and abroad began their artistic education here, whether or not they had a career in the field. Many of these musicians have come to value other outstanding vocal and instrumental music teachers in secondary education and even university.

Cultural Center Sighet

Since 1952, known under various names Sighet Cultural Center is operating under the name of the institution organizing cultural events of the city while patronizing prestigious folk ,, Mara “with a tradition of over 40 years.

Museum of Maramures

Maramures Museum is a museum at the Sighet zonal representation with the historic province of Maramures area. The actual structure of the museum employs him as a kind of museum complexes are among nationally representative for each province of the country’s history.

Memorial to the Victims of Communism in Sighet

Civic Academy Foundation came about following a suggestion Council of Europe to create a foundation to carry out and administer the Sighet Memorial project adopted by high international forum.

On April 21, 1994 Ana Blandiana and other 175 founding members founded the Civic Academy Foundation, aimed general civic education through a better knowledge of the recent past of the country and in Eastern Europe, and returning such truths recent history forged in years Communist dictatorship. The main project is the Memorial of the Victims of Communism and the Resistance in Sighet.