Maramures Depression was so under the influence of moist air masses west-northwest, and what a mountain belt guards, causing sensitive climate variability between northwestern and southeastern region. Also, the differentiation altitude mountainous frame of the depression and lead to frequent thermal inversions.

The average annual temperature ranges from 8.7 ° C in Sighet, Ocna Şugatag 8.0 ° C and 6.0 ° C at Borsa. The average January temperature is maintained between -3 and -4 ° C and in June between 16 and 19 ° C, higher in the northwest, the summers are cool. Extreme temperatures are between -32.2 and 35.2 ° C in Sighet, between -30.5 and 38.5 ° C in Ocna Şugatag.

The character’s frosty winters make snow to keep between 70 and 80 days and over 100 days in west east, influenced by the presence of two mountain ranges – Maramures and fruitful. The relatively high number of days with hoar frost and those are felt in developing crops in their production, especially fruit trees.


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