Festival of Winter Traditions,, Marmaţia “

It is one of the major events it hosts Sighet, which aims to be an opportunity and a way simultaneously to print a meaning and a new content of traditions and ancient customs, to enhance and showcase all Maramures is most lasting and authentic traditional art of past generations. For over 47 years fails to delight the national and international public with the traditions, costumes and customs Winter (Christmas carols and games with masks) held at Christmas and to Epiphany.

Besides representatives and folk villages in Maramures, Sighet wine lovers ancestral customs from other regions of the country (Banat, Moldova, Bucovina, Dobrogea, Oltenia etc.) and other countries.

The festival takes place in the form of a procession of villages and floats which takes place on city streets. Each band (dressed in costumes from that specific area came) presents carols, usually playing with masks or specific winter. To the delight of the audience and the characters masked devils, horsemen and carts spice to the event. Having exhausted the moment the parade, participating groups claim a gala, in which he presents a part of their repertoire.