Economic Development

With its position at the crossroads of ancient roads, the city has always been an important economic center. Sighet was in the past an export center for timber, cattle and fruit. In the decades of the last century 7 and 8, the city of Sighet has experienced significant economic development, ensuring it exports 49% of Maramures county. After 1989, the combination of wood processing, knitwear factory “Unity”, UPSA Maramures were replaced by penetration of private capital, a number of companies, among which: SC Sigmob S.A., S.C.Sigstrat S.A., SC Steilllmann Bukarest Romania LLC, S.C. Mimo LLC, S.C.Prima Fashion LLC, S.C. Mechanical S.A., SC Horizon LLC, S.C. S.A. consent, S.C. ITA Production LLC, S.C. Transilvania Bois LLC, S.C. Vârsteana LLC and other.

With the construction of the railway line Salva – Viseu, municipal economy develops as a result of opportunities in ties with Moldova, Transylvania and the capital.

Industrialization brought with increased automation, expansion of production areas as: furniture, engineering, building materials and textiles.

Like all the Maramures, Sighet put a solidifying economic. If until agriculture was an area with positive results in recent years it recorded a negative direction, especially because of restricted activities livestock farms.

Currently, private capital controls the whole activity of the city, and companies are constantly increasing.


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