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Memorialul Victimelor Comunismului si al Rezistenteimemorial2

Victims of Communism Memorial is the most important tourist attraction of the city (located in City Hall memorial2apropierea ) . Former prison turned into a memorial pain , reached in 1995 under the Council of Europe. The first rooms of the museum was inaugurated in 1997 , year in which Memorial was declared a ” national interest ” , while being recognized as the most important project dedicated to the reconstruction and analysis of civil society communist past , unique in Eastern European countries .


Another important objective is the Museum of Maramures

Muzeul Maramureșului


with the following sections:

Maramureşului the Sighet Museum is a museum area with the historical province of Maramures area representation. The museum as a museum complex with dominant ethnological (museum exhibition pavilion and open air museum) and with sections of history and archeology, cultural history and memoirs, natural sciences, art gallery and several conservation “in situ” as points Museum of Maramures main sub.

Maramures Village Museum

Str. Museum, no. 1

Open daily, tel. 0262 314229

Ethnographic Museum of Maramures

Muzeul Etnografic al Maramureşului

Str. Bogdan Voda, nr. 1

Open daily 8-16 (October 15 to April 15), Monday closed

10-18 (April 15-October 15), Monday closed

Museum of History and Archaeology

Museum of Natural Sciences

Muzeul de Istorie şi Arheologie si Stiintele Naturii

Str. Liberty Square, no. 15

Open Monday-Friday 9-15 pm, tel. 0262 311521

House Museum “Dr. Ioan Mihaly of Apşa “


Art Gallery

Str. Ioan Mihaly of Apşa, no. 17 Opening hours Monday-Friday 9-15

Hebrew Culture Museum of Maramures

Casa memorială Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel House

Str. Tudor Vladimirescu, nr. 1

Open Monday-Friday 8-16 (October 15-April 15)

10-18 (April 15-October 15), Monday closed