Sighetu Marmației



Sighet city, sitting at the confluence of the rivers Iza and Tisa in the north-west border of the country, is the ancient capital of Maramures. The city grew with time, economic and cultural life is specific to medieval burgs. For centuries people have revolved Sighet Maramures on all the valleys, the settlement developing in time like a mini-capital. Nowadays, Sighetu Marmatiei is the cultural center of the Maramures region which preserves the charm of past times and ambition of a bold future.


Car access to the cities is done by passing Gutâi, Ţibleş, Rodnei and Maramures Mountains and then by crossing the main valleys of Maramures Depression. Thus only four link roads Sighet (Maramures Country respectively) the rest of the country:

– DN 19 from Satu Mare County by Fargau Pass;

– DN 18 from the county capital, Baia Mare, in Gutâi Pass;

– DN 17C (then continued with DJ 186 or DN 18) from Bistrita – Nasaud county by Şetref Pass;

– DN 18 from Suceava by Prislop Pass.

From Sighet start regular trips to all settlements in the Land of Maramures and to cities like Baia Mare, Cluj, Oradea, Timisoara, Budapest.

Rail access is from Bistrita – Nasaud (under Şetref Pass – Tunnel Hill Stephanie), following the Viseu river to the mouth of its Tisa. From here to Sighet, which is a terminus station (where only continue railways with wide track that leads to the villages right Tisa), the railway follows the river Tisa (along the border between Romania and Ukraine) revealing particular panoramas .

Border crossing Sighetu Marmatiei – Solotvino (Romania – Ukraine), located on the left bank of the river Tisa (next to the bridge linking the two countries) bridge allows only small vehicles. The crossing is allowed only on the passport (visa not required EU citizens).


Satu Mare International Airport:


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